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About Balmoral Knitwear

Reasons that you should choose us!

1. Balmoral Knitwear has the best knitwear for the job.

Our knitwear is regularly scored higher for quality and long-term wear than any of our competitors. What’s more, we continually invest in new machinery, technology and yarns. This year we have added fine-knit Cotton/Acrylic knitwear to our existing range of TPA Acrylic, Teflon-treated Wool/Acrylic and Wool/Nylon yarns.

2. We are British!

Our manufacturing base remains in our own factory in Scotland where we still produce over 2,000 garments a week, maintaining jobs, skills and paying taxes in our own economy.

  • Of course we have also carefully selected ethically sound offshore partners for styles we cannot make in the UK and for larger contract quantities. Only those meeting Balmoral Knitwear’s own extremely high standards are used.
  • We have made a choice not to use knitwear manufacturers in the Far East. All of our off-shore partners are in Eastern Europe ensuring good communications, faster delivery and proven reliability.

3. We are known for our fast on-time delivery.

This was a customer email recently: “Also, once again, many thanks for the outstanding service Balmoral have provided this year.  Your deliveries are fantastic – always on time – brilliant!”

4. We are the most flexible of manufacturers.

We manufacture in all sorts of yarns, in a range of fabric weights, and we have unique access to a yarn spinner’s library of over 3,000 yarn shades!

5. We have 5 generations of experience at this!

Balmoral Knitwear has been in existence for 120 years. All our staff are highly experienced, most with decades of experience making the best knitwear possible for the corporate and schoolwear markets.

Balmoral Knitwear For Corporate Wear, Sportswear, Schoolwear, Workwear & Embroidery Services

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